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Are you looking for the best cycle under 50000? You’re just at the right place.

People love to ride mountain bikes since they are aesthetically pleasing, give great performance, and are perfect for off-road trailing. However, electric and hybrid bikes have also become very popular in recent years. 

All three types of cycles cater to the needs of varying audiences. However, budget is the most important consideration in either case.

We have listed the best cycles under 50000, including hybrid, electric, and mountain bikes. We hope you will be able to find the cycle of your dreams from our reviewed cycles.

7 Best Bicycles under 50000 in India

1. Polygon Sport Mountain Bike

(Best gear cycle under 50000)

Polygon’s Premier Sport Mountain Bike is the best MTB under 50,000. After getting an opportunity to ride the 2020’s version of Polygon’s Premier bike, we have good feelings about this premium bike. 

A one-liner verdict is that this bike will be a great choice for trail rides and paved road commuting. We will also talk about other features of this best MTB under 50,000.


It comes with a mid-level gearing system of Shimano that provides you with well-rounded performance and smooth transmission on steep inclinations, and fast speed.

9-Speed(18-speed theoretical) gearing system has a Shimano Altus 2-speed in front and Shimano’s Acera 9-speed for the rear.

The company has used hydraulic disc brakes that are a great addition to making it the best MTB under 50,000. We found no problem with this hardtail MTB on wet or dry roads either. 

Besides, Polygon’s Sport Mountain Bike saddle has an ergonomic design to put safety and comfort first.

Coming to the design of the bicycle, you are going to get some pleasant graphics in the only variant of the MTB. The alloy frame adds to the easy handling of the bike, and its larger size gives better ground clearance.

Hydraulic brakes and hardtail mountain bikes with lockout suspension are great choices for mild trails or occasional urban commuting across paved roads. However, pro-mountain bikers might find this bike less aligned with their needs.


  • A combination of Altus/Acera gears provides smooth transmission
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are more efficient, easy to handle, accurate, and powerful.
  • The lockout suspension of 120mm travel makes the bike an all-rounder on and off the roads.


  • The company could have improved the integration of the gearing system by using Acera for the front gear.

2. Polygon Path 3 Road Bicycle

Our second pick is also from Polygon, an international brand with having a good reputation for producing high-quality vehicles at great affordability. 

We got a chance to test this 2021 Path 3 Road bicycle, and it’s a good mountain bike that provides you speed, easy maintenance, and better handling with a great sense of aesthetics. This hybrid bike is a great choice for anyone to get a good all-rounder performance.


  • Polygon has combined Altus with Alivio derailleurs with this version, and we found this combination to give a surprisingly smooth transmission on the road.
  • You can expect a high-mid level of performance from this 27-speed gear hybrid bicycle of Polygon. The gearing system makes it one of the best, if not the best hybrid MTB under 50,000
  • Coming with the hydraulic dual brakes, you can expect smoother handling, accuracy, a powerful braking system, and better control at high speeds as well. It doesn’t lag or trouble on wet surfaces either. So it’s a great add-on for a hybrid MTB under 50,000.
  • The comfort of riding has been well-focused in this fitness hybrid MTB. The ergonomic design of the saddle and paddles provide enough room for the rider and feet. Therefore, you can trust this cycle for long commutes.
  • Not a lot of surprise in design with the aluminum alloy frame coming in 1 variant only.
  • The hybrid Polygon bike gives you a mix of comfort and aggressiveness to suit the needs of people finding high-performing hybrid bikes to accompany them on long rides and fitness commutes.


  • Beast performance is provided by Altus/Alivio 27-speed derailleurs. Indeed, a great addition by Polygon.
  • The hydraulic brakes give you more control over the bike at fast speeds as well.
  • The Aluminium alloy frame is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • The company could have provided a much better posture alignment by raising the handlebar from the middle.

3. Marlin Thor Fatbike

If you’re a more exotic rider who loves to experience new trails and off-road tracks with the bicycle, it’s the best fat bike under 50,000. Our third pick is the Marlin Thor Fatbike, a mix of performance, design, and affordability.

The Marlin Thor stands out from other bikes under 50,000 as it will be your go-to companion for snowy treks and sandy trails, and even the bicycle can easily handle the mud. With that said, you are going to experience an enticing journey on the roads.


  • The gearing system of the Marlin Thor has Shimano’s Tourney RD-TZ50, 7-speed derailleurs. The micro shift derailleurs give this Marlin Men Thor gave a great performance. Overall, not many surprises as entry-level MTB derailleurs have been employed.
  • It comes with mechanical disc brakes that are much better than the rim brakes. However, Marlin hasn’t used hydraulic brakes, but you can get a reasonable and decent performance from the mechanical system as well.
  • It’s also comfortable to ride on rough trails due to its inherent geometry. The saddle design, height, and width are also good for using this bicycle as your fitness companion.
  • You get some very good aesthetics packed into this product from a design perspective. The colors and overall build are very pleasant to the eyes and something to be proud of.


  • Aluminium alloy body makes this fat bike easy to handle treats.
  • Powerful Tektro mechanical disc brakes with micro-shift derailleurs are coming along quite well.
  • Fat tires of 26” X 4.9” make it one of the best MTB on rough surfaces.


  • The company could have added the front derailleur to make it smoother for riding. 

4. Polygon Heist X2 Hybrid Bike

Polygon Heist X2 is a hybrid mountain bike that can be categorized as a mid-range bike for urban commuting. From the first look and specifications, we can say that it provides good value for money. 

You get a hybrid bike to accompany you on rough trail patches and paved off-roads alike. Another hybrid bike from Polygon has made it our best cycle under 50,000 in India. 

Our one-liner verdict after testing this best hybrid bike under 50000 is that you can take this beast on longer rides without worrying about the condition of tracks and roads.

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  • The gearing system is the best combination of Acera ay rear and Shimano’s Tourney for the front one. You can get a very smooth ride and handling of the bike on all kinds of roads. However, we expected an Altus/Acera integration for this hybrid bike for the given price.
  • No surprises in the brakes; Polygon has once again used the hydraulic dual disc brakes to maximize accuracy, power, efficiency, and ease to use the bicycle. You won’t be disappointed on either wet or dry roads/trials.
  • Overall, it’s a comfortable ride with no rise from the middle of the handlebar. Polygon has come up with Entity Saddle, which is custom to mountain bikes and gives you comfortable riding for long hours.
  • The design of the bicycle is aesthetically pleasing, but Polygon has kept with its tradition of giving only one colour variant of Heist X2 as well.
  • You can take this bike on camping, weekend trail riding, long riding on urban roads, or daily commuting. The bicycle won’t disappoint you in riding as well as maintenance. This is a good choice for daily commuters looking for an easy-to-handle and responsive ride.


  • Easy to handle and responsive design with aluminium alloy frame.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes add to the accuracy and efficiency of riding the bicycle
  • 700 C x 45C fast-rolling tires provide you maximum control and responsiveness on long commutes, rough roads, and heavy traffic.


  • Acera/Altus integration can be expected within this price range.
  • Polygon could have added a front suspension lockout to make it a durable ride for steeply off-road trails as well.

5. Hero Lectro C6iE Electric Cycle

The next pick is the best electric cycle under 50,000 from our favorite Hero. The electric cycle comes under the brand name Lectro, which is a brand of Hero for electric pedal-assisted bikes. Hero Lectro aims to target all age groups with diverse needs through their electric cycles. 

So the most differentiating feature of this bike from other bicycles under 50,000 is the electric-pedal assistance and rechargeable batteries. Our take after the test ride of Hero Lectro C6 700 C is that it’s a good choice for people focused on getting an electric bike for whatever purposes(not intensive use).


  • You are getting a single-speed drivetrain with this electric cycle powered by a battery. There is no certain need for gears for the electric cycle. We should be talking more about the battery and motor of the cycle.
  • A 5.8 AH lithium-ion battery comes with a rear hub motor of BLDC 36V 250W. You get three levels of assistance: low, medium, and high. An additional walk mode is also available to pull your cycle wherever needed.
  • Our overall experience: one charge went along 30 km with pedal-assist mode and 25 km with throttle mode. 4 hours are required for full charging, and the bicycle needs to be parked near the charging point due to non-detachable batteries.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are used for the front, and V-brake for the rear and both combined give you an all-rounder performance and control with a speed of 20-25 km/h.
  • The design has been kept minimalistic but aesthetically appealing with full aluminium alloy. The saddle has been upgraded in the C6 release by Hero, and the extra cushioning makes your riding more fun and comfortable. So Kudos to Hero Lectro for alleviating the problem of saddle soreness in this model.
  • You can get reasonable hybrid bikes or mountain bikes in this price range with more powerful features. However, someone solely focused on getting an electric bike can easily get it at a price under 50000 with Hero Lectro C6 700C.


  • The company has designed the vehicle to almost conceal the batteries without compromising the aesthetics.
  • An upgrade of saddle cushioning alleviates saddle soreness.
  • Brakes are powerful, accurate, and provide swift action
  • It’s an electric bike under the price bracket of 50000


  • The company has not installed detachable batteries; therefore, the bike needs to be parked near the charging plug.

6. Unirox Excalibar Mountain Bike

Unirox has positioned itself as one of the most reputable brands in India, and our next pick for the best cycles under 50,000 is Unirox’s Excalibur 29ER mountain bike. 

The hardtail MTB comes with a 24-speed integration of gearing system, aluminium alloy body, and more. After testing the Unirox Excalibar, we suggest it as a good choice for aesthetics lovers who want a durable MTB for urban commutes.


  • The gearing system is Shimano’s Altus M310 24-speed. It means you’re going to get a very decent performance from this two-wheeler. It’s going to be a durable purchase to have that will last for years.
  • The company has used Tektro mechanical disc brakes that are exceptionally good and give you decent control on high-speed riding.
  • The aluminium alloy has been used to keep the frame and bicycle lightweight and easy to handle from a design perspective. The Pearl glow finish of the paint gives a premium look to this two-wheeler under 50000.
  • The comfort of riding this bicycle can be rated at 4, considering the saddle, paddles, and handlebar.
  • It’s a good choice for the daily commuters who want to ride the aesthetically pleasant bicycle for urban commuting and paved roads. This can also be your good companion on the rougher trails, but steeper trails can’t be conquered with this one.


  • Aluminium-alloy body keeps the weight of the bicycle well-controlled
  • Advanced mechanical brakes and gearing systems provide power and fast transmission.
  • The front lockout suspension fork makes the bicycle a one-size-fits-all for urban commuters and off-road trailing buyers.


  • The saddle of the bicycle could have been improved to make it fit for long riding without a hassle.

7. Marlin Yeti Mountain Bike

We tried the Marlin Thor fat bike, one of the best in its category. The next one from Marlin we tried is the Marlin Yeti Mountain Bike. The last one is again from Marlin, and it’s one of the best cycles under 50,000 available in India. 

It comes in two variants: 29” and 27.5”. We have reviewed both, and here is what we think about them.


  • Shimano Altus 16-speed derailleurs are used in both variants with 2-speed front and 8-speed rear derailleurs. The company has employed a mid-level derailleur that provides you with smooth transmission and shifter with impressive efficiency.
  • M275 hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors are a surprising move of Marlin to provide the bike riders with an extreme level of accuracy, power, and efficiency. We found the Tektro levers swift in action with quick engagement using two fingers only.
  • 3 color variants, an aluminum-alloy body, 2 wheel variants, and a pleasant design: it’s how you can explain the appearance of the Marlin Yeti.
  • The comfort of riding is also exceptional due to the specific saddle and its ergonomic design that provides you maximum comfort during fast rides.
    The 27.5 variant is the perfect MTB for flat trail riders, and focused trail riders should go for 29 variants to get maximum performance on hard rocks, wet roads, or any other road condition.


  • A lot of choices from colour variants, size variants, etc.
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes
  • A lightweight and easy-to-handle bicycle with an alloy frame and front suspension fork.
  • 29 inches variant is best-suited for rough and paved trails alike and gives you the best performance.


  • It’s a hardtail MTB, so the company could have upgraded the rear derailleur with a 9-speed.

Things To Look Before Buying Cycles Under 50000

There is a lot of noise when you go over the internet and it’s actually enough to detract you. You’re going to invest a fair amount of money into the cycle of your dreams. 

We have listed the most important things to look at before buying cycles under 50,000 

What Type of Rider Are You?

Are you a daily urban commuter, a mountain biker, or want a bicycle for long rides? You have to ask this question yourself to determine the expected use of your bicycle. If you’re a daily commuter and running after mountain biking, around 1 lac.

Deeply think about your intentions and expectations from the bike, identify any limitations you want to avoid with the use of a bike and the performance you want. 

Which Type Of Bicycle Do You Want?

After you know what your usage will be, you might have preferences related to which type of bicycle you want to go with. You can choose whether you want a hybrid, electric, or mountain bike. Further narrowing down, you have to choose what type of mountain bike might suit well with your needs. 

The most common types of mountain bikes are cross-country, trail, all-mountain, and downhill. In short, you must narrow down the type of bike so that you can consider and compare the features of different available options in a certain category.

Consider & Compare the Features and Add-Ons

The next and most important thing you have to do as you go down the track is a comparison of features and specifications of different available models. The most important features and specifications of the best cycle under 50,000 to look for are:

  • Gearing system
  • Tires
  • Steering
  • Suspension fork
  • Brake types
  • Frame built and size
  • Overall utility
  • The comfort of Saddle and Paddles.

What Are Your Preferences Related To Aesthetics?

Now you have narrowed down your purpose and choice by usage. The next thing to go after is your preference for your bike’s aesthetics and physical appearance. 

Are you a vintage bike lover with bright, neon paints, or are you a fan of minimalist designs with less loud colour tones? 

Whatever your preferences, choose the bike that you feel proud of riding.

How Easy Is A Bike To Maintain?

When you own the vehicle, it’s going to be with you day in and day out. The only person responsible for maintaining the bike is you. Therefore, analysing and understanding the maintenance needs of each type is also important.

Sometimes, you might choose a high-performance bicycle, but the parts and servicing are not easily available at local service centres. In other cases, special tools might be required for maintenance.

Therefore, you should choose a bicycle that best suits your schedule and availability to take care of all the maintenance needs.

Bottom Line

We hope that you will be able to find the best cycle under 50,000 from our bicycle buying guide and the top 7 best bicycles from different manufacturers as discussed above.

Do share this blog with other people who might be looking to buy a cycle under 50000. Also, let us know about your experience in the comments below.